Ultrasound Cavitation Body Sculpting

We use the latest technology available in the industry to ensure our clients get optimal fat loss  with each treatment.  The Cavitation Cellulite System offers customizable settings which enables us to mobilize stubborn pockets of fat and cellulite non-invasively.  There are no  surgical risks, no scarring, no pain, no compression garments, no downtime.  It feels like a warm massage. This treatment was featured on Dr. Oz as a revolutionary method of body contouring.

     It feels almost like a hot stone massage.

                                                                                    - Sharon Giese, MD, Plastic Surgeon

We do these shows all the time, but I never see results like this.  All right, I'm next.

                                                                                     - Dr. Oz, MD, Cardiac Surgeon

We take your health history to ensure you are qualified to receive treatment (please see our FAQ section for contraindications and preparations before appointments).  We will discuss your health history as part of the consutation and address concerns.  Measurements can be taken to determine treatment effectiveness.

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